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The best app with customized workouts


Train with me.
Any device, anyplace, anytime.

An all inclusive app  that offers a solution for everything. Need specific exercises to create your own workout? Done. Need a strict day-to-day structure to achieve a certain goal? Done. We have everything from exercises, workouts to 6 week courses, and all dynamic and adjustable

A Combination of



Build up muscles and strength with your bodyweight and additional weight if wanted.

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Workouts doable anywhere anytime. No equipment needed but very effective.

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From beginner to advanced. Everything you need to master the handstand and more advanced variations.

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Increase your range of motion to perform and feel better.

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Animal moves, capoeira, movement flows. Become a better mover and connect elements you will learn.

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Use tennis balls, sticks and more to improve your coordination skills and body awareness. Lot of fun!

You have 7 DAYS of
free access to check it all out!

Facts About the App


Exercises to choose from.


Fully planned-out 6 week programs.


Workouts of different lengths


Everything can be adjusted

Fully adjustable to your skill-level, needs and time.

Everything in the app can be adjusted in length, difficulty, with or without equipment, a short workout or a full on 45 minute workout. As soon as you made the decision, the app will do the rest. You don't have to do the thinking, only the working!


Choose according to your own skill level 

Find everything you need to know about the exercise


Modify the sets and rounds to suit your stamina and needs

Execute workouts and exercises with timer and jingle


Tons of additional resources to help you on your journey



Alexa Young, CA

"The training with Leo improves all my small-normally untrained - muscles and stabilizes my ligaments and joints. His unique holistic, unorthodox and creative approach give some fun and excitement and therefore makes me stronger physically and emotionally"

Morgan James, NY

"I have been regularly training with Leo for 4 years. I like these trainings very much because Leo adapts them exactly to my needs and they are always varied. I really appreciate, the way Leo explains the exercises and his infinite patience. My body has changed A LOT externally and also my body awareness."

Lisa Driver, MI

"I would highly recommend Leo's app! Honestly, my goals are to be able to move around better and the workouts are very creative! It offers a great balance of material to work with! Leo is very approachable, and he always  takes his time to answer our questions."


Will this App work on my phone?

Yes! The LeoMoves Fitness App is designed to work seamlessly on all phones, whether you have an Apple or Android device. Moreover, you can also enjoy the app on other devices like your laptop, iPad, or even your TV by using features like Airdrop or screen mirroring.

I am really busy and can't spend hours in the gym. Will this work for me?

No worries, you can adjust the numbers of sets on your own for every workout. So if you have a busy day, just shorten the workout to your needs.

Do I need to go the gym to get the full benefits of these workouts?

No you don't to as you can do them at home or outdoors.

For some workouts, you just need equipment like Gymnastic Rings, Dumbbells and Elastic Bands. So you can get great results without hitting the gym.

Are the workouts beginner friendly?

Definitely. Some workouts are more advanced than others. You can also swap exercises to easier or harder progressions by clicking on the arrows next to the

exercises. This way you can customize each workout program to your fitness level.

Will I get support if I have any questions?

Yes, always feel free to contact me via or send me a message on Intagram: @leo.moves.

Do I need a specific equipment to use the app?

Many workouts are bodyweight only, so none. But for other workouts you might need: Elastic bands, Dumbbells, a box or chair or something similar, Gymnastic Rings, a pullup bar.

I've tried other fitness apps before and have gotten no results. How is your app different?

The unique combination of my bodyweight style, calisthenics elements, handstand, mobility and movement, you will not find in any other app. The fun factor plays a very big role in being consistent with training. As you will move your body in so many different ways and learn new skills and exercises, I am sure you will look forward to every training session.

How long is your free trial and what happens after it ends?

You get 7 days to try the app for free after which you'll be charged on a monthly, quarterly or annual fees depending on the payment option you choose.

Why do I have to pay for this app if I can get similar trainings for free on Youtube?

You will have 7+ Programs, 55+ workouts, 500+ exercises, all packed in compiled workouts that are easy to follow along. You will save so much time collecting exercises over social media and putting them together into workouts that might fit for you. Your subscription will help me to improve the app with new content, features and adjustments.

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